A sail trimming simulator to perfect the art of sailing and trim sails. Free interactive sailing simulator represents a sailboat yacht trim simulator freeware online.

This free sailing simulator graphic represents a real wind meter on a sailboat.

Notice that the red triangle represents the relative position of the wind to the boat. On a wind meter, the sailboat always faces up.

For sailing simulation purposes and to give the feeling that the boat is turning, the boat turns with the helm but it flicks back up to it's normal position.

Notice the wind direction and the HDG compass heading (HDG) have changed appropriately showing points of sail.

Hover over sailing simualator's components to understand how the controls and displays function


How to use the NED sail simulator to trim sails

Mouse over each of the elements of NED to see what function they perform.

NED teaches how to correctly trim the sails on any sailboat with a mainsail and headsail.

The sails will be correctly trimmed when the boat speed reaches its maximum for any particular wind speed and direction.

You are able to turn the boat into or away from the wind, let the sails out or tighten them up and adjust the speed of the wind.